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NAI Earle Furman’s Franchise Real Estate Services division provides outsourced real estate services to Franchisors and their Franchisees. Our Franchise Real Estate Services team helps clients source locations, execute leases, prepare for openings, and expertly navigate the real estate process. The goal is a Franchisor and Franchisee who feel confident in the lease they sign and the location they open, through a process that is efficient, effective, and tailored to their needs.

How We Help Franchisors

  • Reduced overhead through outsourcing of real estate services
  • Quicker openings by maximizing real estate resources
  • A standardized approach to real estate gives each franchisee the tools to succeed

How We Help Your Franchisee

  • A streamlined real estate process allows more focus on marketing and business development
  • Reduced development time for faster openings
  • Empowering franchisees with confidence in lease and location
  • Providing analysis and evaluation of existing locations and clientele

If you are interested in learning more about NAI Earle Furman’s Franchise Real Estate Services, please email the team at, or call Katherine Fulmer at (864) 232-9040.